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Dear All,   

   It is a great pleasure to welcome all students, parents, academic and administrative staff, and visitors to this page. We look forward to helping represent the university and all its faculties through superior-quality websites and applications as a specialized development center for HUE. Additionally, we help prepare students to acquire and develop new technical skills through attending workshops and specialized courses organized by us and forming teams to work on innovative projects. As well as develop the technological skills of the academic and administrative staff of the university.

Best Regards,

Dr.Mohammed Kamal Abdel salam

ESSIC Vision

Be a leading center in developing innovative quality websites and applications representing the university and providing services that help the educational process. Additionally, create an educational community that prepares students, teaching them advanced technical skills and improving the skills of academic and administrative staff.


The center strives for the highest quality in all the activities and services it makes such as:

  1. websites and applications achieve the highest level of efficiency and maximum benefit for users.
  2. improve the skills of students and the competency of academic staff.
  3. encourage students to be active in research and invention by developing innovative projects.

ESSIC Mission

The center concentrates on two main areas: electronic services and scientific innovation. Electronic services focus on developing websites and applications that present the university and its facilities. Also, providing services to students and academic and administrative staff facilitates the education process. Moreover, it organizes workshops and specialized courses to teach technical skills to students and to develop the skills of teaching and assistant teaching staff. Scientific innovation concentrates on stimulating scientific creativity in students by setting up teams working on innovative projects. ESSIC has teams working on smart vehicles, medical robots, and more. Additionally, the center organizes scientific innovation camps for pre-university and university students to equip them for the new era of technology.

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ESSIC's Staff

Name Position
Dr. Mohammed Kamal                              Director                                    
Eng. Mona Azmy Managerial Manager
Eng. Sara Fahmy Senior software engineer
Eng. Abdel Rahman Mohammed Senior software engineer
Norhan Al Saba’ web developer
Eng. Mohammed Shawky Innovation Engineer

ESSIC's Previous founding members

Name Position
Eng. Ahmed Elsayed Former Electronic services unit head
Eng. Abdel Rahman Al Gaaos Former Electronic services unit head
Eng. Abdel Rahman Imam Former Scientific Innovation unit head

ESSIC's Team